Friday, September 07, 2012

Want your portrait painted or drawn?

If you live in Port Moody, BC, and would like your portrait painted or drawn, send me a photo of yourself and a little blurb on why you would like it done!  You can also send a pic of anyone who you consider is/was important to the history of Port Moody, BC.   I will need contact information (email is fine).  If you are selected, you will get it done.  However, you will not have any say over the final composition, as that is the artists perogative!  You don't have to be famous or good looking (but if you happen to be either or both okay)....just send an your story, which will be included in the exhibition, as will the finished work.  Have you embarked on a transformational journey (working out at the gym every day?  starting something new of any ilk?)?  Do you serve the public every day in Port Moody?  Did one of your grandparents live in Port Moody?  Do you walk the trail around the inlet every day?  You can be anybody of any age, just send in your pic and blurb.   

 Why I am I doing this? 

Well, next year is the centennial for Port Moody, and the group Suite 'E' Lifedrawing is doing a show at the Port Moody Art gallery next summer that is all portraits of citizens for the centennial celebrations. 

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